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How to follow along RightsCon Costa Rica

Welcome to RightsCon Costa Rica! With 600+ sessions, 19 program tracks, and 6 intersecting themes, sparking conversation and actions across issues ranging from emerging technologies, to indigenous rights, to freedom of the media. There’s plenty for you to discover and share your expertise on with the thousands of digital rights experts in our spaces. Registration for our summit is closed, but even if you are not one of the 8,100+ participants from 174 countries (126 in-person and 160 online) present at this year’s gathering, you can still follow key conversations that will become available for you to review and replay each day, including the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Fireside Chats, and In Conversation sessions on the Access Now YouTube channel. Follow us on Youtube In particular, we want to take a moment to celebrate the representation of Latin American and Caribbean communities at this year’s summit, our first in the region. With over 1,800 participants from the region, and nearly a quarter of all sessions held in Spanish and Portuguese, we can’t wait to bring together indigenous organizations, women, members of the LGBTQ+ community, climate justice activists, and many, many more, from the margins to the center. Take a look at our Latin American and Caribbean landing page including recommendations for each day of the summit, as well as livestreams of key sessions!

Staying safe, secure, and healthy at RightsCon Costa Rica

► Our approach

► Informing your participation: online and in-person

► Beyond safety and security: health and accessibility

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The 12th edition of RightsCon is less than a week away (June 5-8, 2023) and we’re taking a moment to provide an update and reminder of the core policies, principles, and processes that help keep the summit a safe, productive, and inclusive space. Importantly, as with past years, our Code of Conduct and Participation & Privacy Policy, remain in place and by registering, all participants agree to read through and abide by these policies.

Our approach

As we embark on our first hybrid summit, our Security Working Group (S

The RightsCon Costa Rica platform is now open

The RightsCon Summit platform is officially open for all registered participants! Log in, explore the 600+ sessions, and build your own personalized schedule for our first hybrid program, taking place from Monday, June 5, to Thursday, June 8.

Branded banner showing the Summit Platform Whether you’re joining us in-person in San José or online, the RightsCon Summit platform is where you can:
  • Navigate the full program by format, our 19 program tracks, 6 intersecting themes, various languages, and more
  • Build out a personalized schedule by bookmarking sessions, including live content from the RightsCon Studio such as Fireside Chats, In Conversations, and Spotlight Sessions
  • Stay up-to-date on any changes to your bookmarked sessions
  • Join all online sessions, including private meetings
  • Connect with other

Introducing this year’s satellite events!

On Monday June 5, before you pick up your badge to join our Opening Ceremony, come participate in one of our open satellite events. Satellite events will run all day from 9 am - 3:30 pm CST in 2, 4, or 6 hour slots within our venue in San José. Lunch and beverages will be provided for all participants. Here is a quick summary on what you can expect at this year’s satellite events:

  • Participate in a hands-on online investigations training (OSINT) on countering disinformation, identify weaponized narratives, and detect online harassment (También disponible en español.)
  • Receive practical guidance and support tailored to cyber communities in the Americas and the Caribbean
  • Engage in fireside chats and collaborative discussions on meaningful digital participation, co-designing content policies, and building safety and trust online
  • Discuss and strategize, as well as identify key milestones for the intersection between consumer and digital rights
  • Join and foster the conversation about the future of A.I. governance, ensuring that global standards reflect the needs and concerns of the Global Majority

Registration is a quick two-step process, and is first-come, first-served in order to guarantee comfortable and meaningful participation. To participate in satellite events, you must make sure you are: 1. Registered for RightsCon Costa Rica 2. Registered for the satellite event you’re interested in using the sign up forms provided in the cards below