The 13th edition of the RightsCon Summit Series will be held in Taipei and online in February 2025. Our recent announcement outlined our location selection process, provided context on why we’ve shifted our timeline, and shared our intention to host RightsCon in Africa in 2026.

As part of our commitment to foster greater transparency, as well as incorporate community input into the decision-making around RightsCon, we are embarking on a series of community consultations to learn more about your experiences and gather feedback and suggestions for the future of RightsCon.

The aim of these consultations is to ensure that your voice remains front and center as we redesign the core elements of RightsCon in order to build a safer, more caring, and more equal space together. We acknowledge the labor this work requires and hope you will engage with us in whichever way makes sense to you.

Ways to engage


You can reach out to us directly with any feedback or reflections you’d like to share about your experience at RightsCon.

Community Calls

We will be hosting a series of community calls to get your input as we redesign the core elements of RightsCon. We invite you to join the calls that you resonate with and that are most applicable to you.

RightsCon model of community support

This included where our community support mechanisms have been successful, where they have fallen short, and gaps we need to fill.

RightsCon’s program structure, development, and execution

This included the hybrid model, the size of the community-sourced program, and the support provided to session proposers.

Our role in mitigating barriers to travel to RightsCon (by region)

This included visa and travel-related concerns for RightsCon South Korea, steps we can take to address and mitigate challenges, and ways in which we can provide more effective support to participants

Participant experience at RightsCon

This included the ways in which we can facilitate community connections within and beyond the summit, increasing participant support during the summit, and suggestions on non-programmatic spaces we can foster.

Decision-making around where and when RightsCon is hosted in 2026

This includes creating pathways for the community to provide input into the location selection process.

Notes and follow-up

We will be publicly sharing anonymized notes from the community calls, as well as do regular progress reports on action items that arise out of these calls.

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