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How to follow along RightsCon Costa Rica

Welcome to RightsCon Costa Rica! With 600+ sessions, 19 program tracks, and 6 intersecting themes, sparking conversation and actions across issues ranging from emerging technologies, to indigenous rights, to freedom of the media. There’s plenty for you to discover and share your expertise on with the thousands of digital rights experts in our spaces.

Registration for our summit is closed, but even if you are not one of the 8,100+ participants from 174 countries (126 in-person and 160 online) present at this year’s gathering, you can still follow key conversations that will become available for you to review and replay each day, including the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Fireside Chats, and In Conversation sessions on the Access Now YouTube channel.

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In particular, we want to take a moment to celebrate the representation of Latin American and Caribbean communities at this year’s summit, our first in the region. With over 1,800 participants from the region, and nearly a quarter of all sessions held in Spanish and Portuguese, we can’t wait to bring together indigenous organizations, women, members of the LGBTQ+ community, climate justice activists, and many, many more, from the margins to the center. Take a look at our Latin American and Caribbean landing page including recommendations for each day of the summit, as well as livestreams of key sessions!

We also want to hear from you! Make sure to tag us using the hashtags #RightsCon, #WhereAreYouRightsCon, and #PetsOfRightsCon on social media, and let us know what you think of our first hybrid event!

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