RightsCon 2022 Media Kit

JUNE 6 — 10, 2022
Last Updated: June 21, 2022

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We ask all media pass holders to take careful note of the following policies and guidelines for participating at RightsCon 2022. Failing to abide by these rules could result in a violation of the RightsCon Code of Conduct and revocation of access to the event. Please also review the participant guide for an in-depth look at how to navigate RightsCon 2022 and connect with the RightsCon community.

Privacy at RightsCon

For the third year in a row, RightsCon will take place online. Our guiding principles and practices continue to remain strong, and we are committed to a summit that reflects and celebrates the diversity of the issues we cover. We will continue to work towards creating safer and more inclusive spaces for participation. Many members of the RightsCon community face considerable risk in their work to defend human rights — both online and off — and when it comes to the extent of participation and identity, we encourage everyone to make their own choices, and set their own boundaries. All media pass holders must respect the privacy of everyone in the RightsCon space, and only share quotes or other representations of individuals with their clear, informed consent. In short: always ask first.

Identifying as Press

It’s important to let people know who you are! If you are attending RightsCon 2022 as a media representative, you will be required to identify as press in your profile, and by adding “PRESS” to your display name. This should be done by accurately filling out your participant profile, and choosing press in the dropdown menu. You are required to identify as press at all times while logged into the RightsCon 2022 platform, and when approaching RightsCon 2022 participants — including in social spaces and private meetings.  Adding “PRESS” to your display name will also make it easy for participants to find you on the Participants list and connect with you through the in-platform chat if you choose to enable the feature.

Permission and Attribution

It is your responsibility to obtain permission from participants and speakers to be quoted, and to ensure appropriate attribution is given. At the start of each session, it will be made clear if and how speakers and participants can be quoted. Safety is paramount, and speakers and participants who have their profile anonymized cannot be described in a level of detail that would make them identifiable. We encourage you to confirm with session moderators in advance what rules apply, such as Chatham House rule, or if something is off the record. If you arrive late to a session, do not assume it is on the record, as the attribution rules may have already been clarified.

Filming, Photography, Screen Recording, and Screenshots

Please be cautious if taking images, screenshots, or any recordings, and be sure to inform yourself on how open any session is before capturing image or sound. Generally, sessions such as Fireside Chats and Panels are open to all participants, and attendees may wish to document the interactions in some way. However, many sessions with limited or closed participation — including Community Labs, Strategy Sessions, regional meet-ups, and private meetings — should not be recorded in any manner without explicit consent from participants and session organizers. If recording of any kind is welcome, the session facilitator will make that clear at the beginning of the session. If you miss the beginning of the session or the facilitator does not address the issue, do not assume consent.


Staying in the Know

RightsCon 2022 will feature an exciting new “live studio” format, serving as a home base for daily welcomes, conversations, program highlights, and for community showcases. Hosted by award-winning journalist Melissa Chan, tune in each day to keep informed on some of the biggest and most pressing issues facing the RightsCon community.

Connecting with Participants

RightsCon is all about connecting with people, and this year we’re continuing to support your engagement with participants, speakers, and each other. As well as the discussion boards and in-platform chat feature (going live on June 6) will also host Social Hours for less formal engagement. If you feel comfortable, do keep your camera on for other participants to have an opportunity to see you and better connect. Social Hours are hosted in an integrated platform and provide flexible, informal space for meeting others on a variety of topics, including through social or creative activities, games and icebreakers, to drop-in hours with funders and company leaders, and more. Every day of RightsCon will host several Social Hours, each of which will open for 60 minutes and will feature virtual “tables” that seek to replicate the feel of meeting new and old friends over coffee breaks in an in-person summit. After Dark events are centered on games, wellness, and culture, as well as live performances and film screenings that create fun, relaxed atmospheres. And don’t forget to utilize social media! Many participants will be engaging on Twitter through #RightsCon and will include their social media accounts in their participant profiles. Access Now staff are available to help facilitate connections with speakers and other RightsCon participants upon request. Please direct all media requests to [email protected]. We will notify media pass holders of major releases and press briefings throughout the event. 

Social Media

RightsCon action will be taking place via Twitter, so be sure to follow, and tag @RightsCon and #RightsCon, when sharing your pieces, chatting with participants, and seeking follow-up connections during and after the event. Want more? Other #s to follow and engage with include:


Video highlights

Missed a session related to your work? Want to double check a quote or the spelling of a name? Many recordings from this week’s sessions are being shared on Access Now’s YouTube channel, and will be accessible long after RightsCon 2022 has ended. Some highlights include:

Press releases


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