RightsCon Tunis Call for Proposals

Launching in October 2018

The RightsCon Program

Each year, the RightsCon program is created by the vibrant and diverse RightsCon community. RightsCon Toronto was home to our community’s most ambitious program yet, where more than 2,500 registered participants from 118 countries came together for 450 sessions. The RightsCon Tunis Call for Proposals will officially launch in early October 2018.

The RightsCon program is the guiding pillar of the community. As the world becomes more and more digital, the relevancy of issues tackled at the event grow. In Toronto, we saw the emergence of important new program tracks and issue areas: artificial intelligence and non-discrimination in machine learning, election integrity and the erosion of democracy, and misinformation in the media, to name a few.

The program for RightsCon Tunis will build from the successes of RightsCon Toronto by continuing to prioritize community-driven sessions that strategize for our human rights in the digital age. Organizing a program session provides the best opportunity to connect with and learn from leading experts around the world. A program session can be a policy discussion on an emerging problem, an advocacy strategy-meeting for creating new campaign tactics, a demo of a new civic tech initiative promoting democratic participation, or a workshop on how to fundraise as a civil society organization and improve operational development.

Stay tuned for more information, including the launch of our brand new RightsCon Community Platform.

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