RightsCon 2020 session list

The RightsCon program is the guiding pillar of our summit series, formed by the proposals submitted by a global community of experts. Below is an overview of what programming occurred during the five days of RightsCon Online 2020. Click on each of the tracks to navigate the full session list.

Network connectivity and internet shutdowns

In conversation with Jessica Rosenworcel, U.S. Federal Communications Commissioner

U.S. Federal Communications Commission💬FIRESIDE CHAT

Strategically litigating internet shutdown cases: challenges and successes

Hosted by Media Legal Defence Initiative (MLDI) 🔍 COMMUNITY LAB

How Relaynet will pave the way to maintain communication during internet blackouts

Hosted by Relaynet💻 TECH DEMO

When where you live offline determines if you can be online: the cost of connectivity

Hosted by New America’s Open Technology Institute💡 LIGHTING TALK

No network: integrating technology in places where data is a luxury

Hosted by Irish Rule of Law International🗣️ PANEL

Beyond the internet: digital radio in the Amazon

Hosted by ARTICLE 9🗣️ PANEL

NewNode: all weather content delivery, a revolutionary protocol turning mobile devices into a resilient content delivery network

Hosted by Clostra💻 TECH DEMO

Can you hear us? Internet shutdown in Iran, what have we learned?

Hosted by NetFreedom Pioneers: Toosheh/Knapsack For Hope🗣️ PANEL

Let’s talk about best practices for measuring the internet ethically

Hosted by Open Observatory for Network Interference (OONI); Access Now🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Alternative internet for Rohingyas: bypassing shutdowns, innovating solutions, infrastructuring hope (pre- and post-COVID-19 world)

Hosted by School for the Future of Innovation in Society at Arizona State University💡 LIGHTING TALK

Digital curfew in a conflict zone and its impact on gender rights, education, and economy

Hosted by Studio INTO; Digital Rights Kashmir; Software Freedom Law Center, India (SLFC.IN)🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

How authoritarian leaders use ambiguous and rhetorical terms to dramatise internet shutdowns in Africa

Hosted by Centre for Multilateral Affairs (CfMA)🗣️ PANEL

Website blocking and network neutrality in Peru

Hosted by Hiperderecho💡 LIGHTING TALK

Meaningful connectivity: from COVID-19 and beyond

Hosted by Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI); World Wide Web Foundation🗣️ PANEL

Human rights documentation during internet shutdowns


Censoring without getting caught

Hosted by Internews 🗣️ PANEL

Building rainbow bridges: what LGBTI communities can teach us about overcoming the digital divide

Hosted by ILGA World – The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Working on a regulatory agenda for community networks in Latin America

Hosted by ARTICLE 19 (Brazil and South America)🗣️ PANEL

Investigating internet shutdowns with open data

Hosted by Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI); Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA)🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Protest, participation, and political change

Seize the signatures – Digital activism is rewriting the rules of mobilization in times of climate crisis

Hosted by Change.org; Extinction Rebellion🗣️ PANEL

How the internet is shifting the paradigm of democracy in India

Hosted by Breakthrough Trust🗣️ PANEL

From #NiUnaMenos to #ElVioladorEresTu: how feminism went viral in Latin America

Hosted by Chicas Poderosas🔎 COMMUNITY LAB

The revolution will be tracked: how to protect activism in the age of mass surveillance

Hosted by The B Team 🗣️ PANEL

NOnline protests: lessons from the pandemic

Hosted by The Office of the Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression, IACHR💬 FIRESIDE CHAT

Social movements: amplying resilience and opportunities for support and solidarity from the international community

Hosted by CIVICUS; Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs🗣️ PANEL

After the revolution: innovations and lessons from Sudan

Hosted by Gisa Group🗣️ PANEL

In the public eye: reporting on protests under the surveillance state

Hosted by Committee to Protect Journalists; Derechos Digitales🔎 COMMUNITY LAB

UN Special Rapporteur for the freedoms of assembly and association: 10th anniversary, achievements, and vision for the next 10 years

Hosted by International Center for Not-for-Profit Law (ICNL)💬 FIRESIDE CHAT

Civil society resistance and resilience

In conversation with Anthony D. Romero, Executive Director, ACLU

Hosted by American Civil Liberties Union💬 FIRESIDE CHAT

The future of civil society’s online home – .ORG

Hosted by Access Now; Electronic Frontier Foundation; NTEN🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Sow and cultivate the digital territory

Hosted by Barracón Digital💡 LIGHTING TALK

Conecta culturas: an app that brings indigenous knowledge and perspectives to the internet

Hosted by Deutsche Welle Akademie💻 TECH DEMO

Shared struggles: building public interest tech for economic and social rights in Latin America and the Middle East and North Africa

Hosted by Center for Economic and Social Rights🔎 COMMUNITY LAB

Digital rights solidarities in South Asia

Hosted by Digital Rights Foundation🔎 COMMUNITY LAB

Creating virtual reality for public good

Hosted by Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) 🗣️ PANEL

Opportunities for mechanisms to support human rights activists and defenders working in internet and civic repressive environments

Hosted by Digital Human Rights Lab🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Re-centering the voice and expertise of frontline activists in transnational advocacy networks

Hosted by Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University; Internet Sans Frontières; ARTICLE 19; Digital Civil Society Lab at Stanford University,; New York University Tisch School of the Arts🗣️ PANEL

SLAPPed but not silenced: fighting state and corporate repression, empowering people

Hosted by Protect the Protest Task Force; Business & Human Rights Resource Centre (BHRRC) 🗣️ PANEL

Defending the defenders: environmental activism and digital rights

Hosted by Human Rights Foundation🗣️ PANEL

Shifting mindsets from sustainability to resiliency: shared experiences navigating closing spaces

Hosted by PartnersGlobal🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Obstacles and opportunities for collaborating to create secure tools

Hosted by Loki Foundation🗣️ PANEL

Busting myths about AI

Hosted by Access Now; Mozilla Foundation💡 LIGHTING TALK

Can community managers save the world? Online community principles and practices for the rights ecosystem

Hosted by Australian Community Managers (AMC) 🗣️ PANEL

How can online communities help improve human rights?

Hosted by The Carter Center🔎 COMMUNITY LAB

Rebalancing the scales: addressing and mitigating power asymmetries in funding of the tech/human rights ecosystem

Hosted by The Engine Room; Information Program, Open Society Foundations (OSF) 🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Rapid response funds and the promotion of human rights in the digital environment: reacting to tech authoritarianism in Latin America

Hosted by Derechos Digitales🔎 COMMUNITY LAB

Shifting mindsets from sustainability to resiliency: shared experiences navigating closing spaces

Hosted by PartnersGlobal🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Going far? how the internet supports communities in organizing across diaspora

Hosted by Wikitongues💬 FIRESIDE CHAT

Busting myths about AI

Hosted by Access Now; Mozilla Foundation💡 LIGHTING TALK

Future scenarios for Latin American civil society

Hosted by Iniciativa Latinoamericana por los Datos Abiertos (ILDA)🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Don’t call me your “local partner” unless I say so: best practice and red lines for CSO partnerships and consultation

Hosted by Next Billion Network🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Secure communication with human rights defenders: a manual for diplomats

Hosted by Digital Defenders Partnership; Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs💻 TECH DEMO

Civil society in the digital age in Africa: identifying threats and mounting pushbacks

Hosted by Centre for Human Rights at the University of Pretoria🔎 COMMUNITY LAB

Shrinking civic space in the digital age: are funders and researchers ready?

Hosted by Tandem Research🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Working in restricted civic space in Central America

Hosted by CIVICUS; Dutch Embassy in Costa Rica🗣️ PANEL

Crowdsourcing human rights, leveling the playing field one match at a time

Hosted by Crowdsourcing Human Rights; DT Institute💡 LIGHTING TALK


<h5 style="text-align: center; color:black; letter-spacing: 0;"Binary is for computers, not for people: a human perspective of digital civic spaces

Hosted by Hivos (Latin America)🔍 COMMUNITY LAB

Taking action on digital ID: advocacy tactics for civil society

Hosted by The Engine Room🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Threats to social movements: the rise of digital authoritarianism and oligopolies

Hosted by MediaJustice🗣️ PANEL

Privacy and surveillance

Digital identity: has freedom a future?

Hosted by Institute for Technology and Society of Rio de Janeiro (ITS Rio) 🗣️ PANEL

Identity 4 Development: what does it really mean?

Hosted by Independent🗣️ PANEL

Ironically, iOS robocall-blocking apps are violating your privacy

Hosted by NCC Group💻 TECH DEMO

Nos ven la cara: a Latin American declaration on human rights and facial recognition

Hosted by Institute for Research on Internet and Society (IRIS); Access Now🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Litigating against surveillance

Hosted by Global Freedom of Expression at Columbia University; Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)🗣️ PANEL

Human rights in the AR/VR era: privacy, safety, and responsible innovation in the immersive future

Hosted by Facebook🗣️ PANEL

From production to deployment: addressing the global proliferation of spyware

Hosted by Access Now; Business & Human Rights Resource Centre (BHRRC)🗣️ PANEL

Digital identity versus legal identity: the contemporary challenges of Sub-Saharan Africa

Hosted by Paradigm Initiative🗣️ PANEL

The case for privacy by design: privacy law shortcomings and the role of privacy tools

Hosted by The Tor Project; Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF); Reset; Freedom of the Press Foundation🗣️ PANEL

Should we just give up on anonymity?

Hosted by Blueprint for Free Speech🔎 COMMUNITY LAB

AI watched over by machines of loving grace: facial recognition, 1 CCTV camera for every 8 people, and protecting rights

Hosted by Microsoft🔎 COMMUNITY LAB

Living in the shadows: how international organizations can best support activists facing state surveillance and threats

Hosted by The Fund for Global Human Rights🗣️ PANEL

What is the price of inclusion for gender minorities? privacy and surveillance challenges faced by transgender persons with digital identities

Hosted by Independent 🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

National digital ID systems in Asia: mapping considerations of potential benefits and harms

Hosted by Open Culture Foundation; Taiwan Association for Human Rights (TAHR)🔎 COMMUNITY LAB

Strategic collaboration roundtable for Five Eyes country activists

Hosted by Digital Rights Watch🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

1 million protected, 6 million to go: how we’re banning government face surveillance in Massachusetts

Hosted by American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Massachusetts💡 LIGHTING TALK

The dark side of digital ID: exclusion and the human rights of the poor

Hosted by Digital Welfare State and Human Rights Project; Open Society Justice Initiative, Open Society Foundations (OSF) 🗣️ PANEL

Facial challenges: networking global responses to the spread of facial recognition technology

Hosted by Wikimedia/Yale Law School Initiative on Intermediaries and Information (WIII)🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Insecure all the things! The civil dangers of IoT technologies at home and in the streets, and how we’ll survive

Hosted by Freedom of the Press Foundation; Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) 🔎 COMMUNITY LAB

Digital fights for digital rights? Investigating privacy in the Global South

Hosted by PaperLab🗣️ PANEL

Developing a useful and ethical digital identity ecosystem

Hosted by International Federation of Red Cross Red Crescent Societies (IFRC); International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC); Norwegian Refugee Council; Australian Red Cross; Kenyan Red Cross🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

The private panopticon: how big tech gets consumers to build a surveillance empire for corporate and government use

Hosted by Fight for the Future💡 LIGHTING TALK

Who has your face? The fight against U.S. government agencies’ use of face recognition

Hosted by Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)(OSF) 💡 LIGHTING TALK

Surveillance, safeguards, and strategy: campaigns for surveillance reform in North America, Latin America, and Africa

Hosted by New America’s Open Technology Institute🗣️ PANEL

The state of legal identity programs in the digital age: integrating diverse perspectives

Hosted by Access Now; Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)🔎 COMMUNITY LAB

Public health in the digital age

Frontiers in health data privacy: navigating blurred expectations across the patient-consumer spectrum

Hosted by Future of Privacy Forum🗣️ PANEL

Digital inclusivity and reproductive rights

Hosted by Women First Digital💡 LIGHTING TALK

Digital solutions to respond to gender-based violence: experiences from pandemic times in Brazil

Hosted by Institute of International Relations at PUC-Rio🗣️ PANEL

Shining a light in the darkest of corners: revolutionising immigration detention monitoring

Hosted by Boniĝi Pty Ltd💻 TECH DEMO

AI in mental healthcare: revolutionary reboot or the rise of the “digital asylum”?

Hosted by Mozilla Foundation; Melbourne Law School at the University of Melbourne💡 LIGHTING TALK

COVID-19 and internet freedom

Hosted by Freedom Online Coalition; Government of the United States; Government of Canada; Government of Finland🗣️ PANEL

Data colonization: lessons from the pandemic in Latin America

Hosted by Tecnológico de Monterrey; Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Vicarious trauma and technology’s first responders: protecting those who remotely monitor human rights violations

Hosted by Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) 🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

When misinformation hurts our fundamental health rights

Hosted by Meedan💻 TECH DEMO

From devices to bodies: a tale on DNA data collection

Hosted by Coding Rights🗣️ PANEL

Face recognition technology and state surveillance in East Asia in the wake of COVID-19

Hosted by Open Net Korea; Korean Progressive Network Center (Jinbonet)🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

From “shout” drones to tracked cell phones: tech-assisted quarantine enforcement in the age of coronvirus

Hosted by Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT)🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

It’s an infodemic! Identifying and monitoring COVID-19 rumours and misinformation on Twitter


Surveillance tools deployed across the globe in response to COVID-19

Hosted by International Network of Civil Liberties Organisations (INCLO)💻 TECH DEMO

COVID-19: a new front in the information war against elections

Hosted by International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES)🗣️ PANEL

Meaningful connectivity: from COVID-19 and beyond

Hosted by Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI); World Wide Web Foundation🗣️ PANEL

Promoting human rights and access to safe medicines during pandemics: the critical role of internet pharmacies

Hosted by Dahdaleh Institute of Global Health Research at York University🗣️ PANEL

Digital health certificates: are they immune from violating the rights of users at risk?

Hosted by Access Now🗣️ PANEL

The future of democracy

New influencers: putting digital rights on the policy agenda

Hosted by Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Giving citizens a voice: how can we build digital citizen engagement indicators and standards?

Hosted by Code for All; SlashRoots Foundation; Codeando México A.C.🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Is climate change an emergency? How using emergency powers to fight climate change could backfire

Hosted by Brennan Center for Justice at New York University’s School of Law💡 LIGHTING TALK

From passive participation to productive resistance: building community capacity to challenge smart city tech

Hosted by Open North🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Hello from the other side: what can activists do to stamp out corruption post-democratic transition?

Hosted by International Republican Institute🗣️ PANEL

Digital authoritarianism inside out: how internet governance has been hacked

Hosted by Open Internet for Democracy Initiative🔎 COMMUNITY LAB

Technology enables the future, but it should not determine it

Hosted by Oxfam International💡 LIGHTING TALK

Democracy’s new battleground: risks, responsibilities, and recommendations for tech platforms during elections

Hosted by Freedom House🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

A documentary on how Taiwan voted to save its own democracy (…and then some re:COVID-19)

Hosted by National Democratic Institute🗣️ PANEL

Shrinking democratic space: how reform of the electoral and political party system contributes to inclusive democracy

Hosted by Netherlands Intstitute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD)🗣️ PANEL

Strategic engagement with lawmakers: moving toward collaborative digital rights legislation

Hosted by Paradigm Initiative🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Dissecting the (not so) democratic drama: reflecting on the digital manipulations and political persecutions in the Tunisian 2019 elections

Hosted by Bloggeurs sans Chaines🗣️ PANEL

Developing regulatory codes and frameworks for human rights in a digital world

Hosted by The IO Foundation; Evolution of Mind Life Society Research Institute🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Assessing the human rights implications of micro-targeted political ads

Hosted by World Wide Web Foundation🗣️ PANEL

Securing elections in COVID-19: online threats, vulnerabilities, and the resources available to protect the foundations of democracy

Hosted by Cloudflare🗣️ PANEL

Unrecognized and digitally disenfranchised: digital rights for peoples without a state

Hosted by The SecDev Group🗣️ PANEL

How to follow the money from home with the C4ADS data lake

Hosted by C4ADS💻 TECH DEMO

Democracy 2030: what should it look like?

Hosted by International Republican Institute💬 FIRESIDE CHAT

How should we adapt whistleblowing laws for a Latin American context?


Alternative models for business and labor

In conversation with Brad Smith, President of Microsoft

Hosted by Microsoft💬 FIRESIDE CHAT

Filterwatch: how state policies and private companies undermine digital rights in Iran

Hosted by Small Media Foundation🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Investing in our shared humanity: how investors and human rights defenders can better work together to protect human rights

Hosted by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre (BHRRC); Investor Alliance for Human Rights; International Service for Human Rights (ISHR) 🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Media mapping in Sri Lanka: through a lens of language and ethics

Hosted by Verité Research (Pvt) Ltd 💡 LIGHTING TALK

Opening up data on the top 100 corporate emitters

Hosted by Wikirate💻 TECH DEMO

Working through it: dispute resolution in the gig economy

Hosted by Aapti Institute🗣️ PANEL

Is the tech greener on the other side? Benchmarking tech companies’ environmental sustainability

Hosted by Ranking Digital Rights🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Real corporate accountability for surveillance capitalism: setting the civil society agenda for the 2020s

Hosted by Ranking Digital Rights💬 FIRESIDE CHAT

Going coop: a platform model for workers in the South

Hosted by International Labor Organization (ILO); IT for Change🗣️ PANEL

WeClock: a self-tracking app to fight wage theft and foster worker wellbeing

Hosted by The Why Not Lab💻 TECH DEMO

Workers are also the product: let’s include them in data governance

Hosted by Open Society Foundations (OSF)🗣️ PANEL

Building power over Amazon’s empire

Hosted by Athena; The Partnership for Working Families; Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR); MediaJustice; United for Respect🗣️ PANEL

Technology against sweatshops: the potential for technology to protect labor rights in global supply chains

Hosted by Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative 🗣️ PANEL

Time for facts: how are electronics manufacturers performing on human rights? Insights from KnowtheChain and Corporate Human Rights Benchmark

Hosted by World Benchmarking Alliance; Business & Human Rights Resource Centre (BHRRC) 🗣️ PANEL

Innovating for inclusion: how to combat bias through policies, product design, and community engagement

Hosted by Airbnb, Inc. 🗣️ PANEL

The climate crisis and business as usual: how start-ups are navigating policy, markets, and evolving risks

Hosted by Climate Solution Consulting🗣️ PANEL

Addressing business model-related human rights risks

Hosted by B-Tech Project, Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

There’s an app for that: protecting labor rights in the age of the platform economy

Hosted by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre (BHRRC) 💬 FIRESIDE CHAT

Refashioning technology: building tools and frameworks towards a sustainable and ethical apparel industry

Hosted by Shaping Fashion, Global Shapers Community 🔎 COMMUNITY LAB

Pling! Audience engagement and business models for independent digital media that actually work: experiences from Eastern Europe and Central America

Hosted by Free Press Unlimited 🔎 COMMUNITY LAB

Peacebuilding and development

Digital CVE: ignorant algorithms, inane counter messaging, and insipid counter engagement strategies

Hosted by Defending Rights & Dissent; Muslim Justice League 🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Embedding conflict sensitivity into technology development

Hosted by JustPeace Labs; BSR 🗣️ PANEL

Before and beyond hatespeech: using data and dialogue to combat polarization and racism online

Hosted by Build Up💡 LIGHTING TALK

What can go right? Positive use cases for science and technology in human rights investigations

Hosted by Transitional Justice Working Group (TJWG); Human Rights Data Analysis Group (HRDAG); HURIDOCS🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Making tech accessible for community-based environmental monitoring

Hosted by Center for Human Rights – American Bar Association (ABA); Source International 🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

In defense of our (tech)rritory: digitally defending the environment and right to land during COVID-19

Hosted by Centro por la Justicia y el Derecho Internacional (CEJIL) 🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Advancing human rights in digital age by assessing R.O.A.M indicators at country level

Hosted by UNESCO🗣️ PANEL

Can excel sheets have ethics? The realities of AI use in the Global South and implications for AI governance

Hosted by Tandem Research🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

It’s not just about big tech: online harms and international law

Hosted by Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict (ELAC); Oxford Institute for International Peace & Security (IPS); Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxford🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

The anatomy of a visual investigation: innovation in human rights and investigative reporting

Hosted by The New York Times; ProPublica; SITU Research 🗣️ PANEL

Data for development: shaping future scenarios

Hosted by Iniciativa Latinoamericana por los Datos Abiertos (ILDA); International Development Research Centre (IDRC)🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

It’s time for an international fund for public interest media

Hosted by Luminate; BBC Media Action💡 LIGHTING TALK

Online gender violence: towards the configuration of international standards

Hosted by TEDIC; Centro por la Justicia y el Derecho Internacional (CEJIL) 🗣️ PANEL

Empowering the documentarians: a conversation about standard-setting, data ownership, and returning international advocacy to the grassroots

Hosted by Center for Justice and Accountability; WITNESS; Benetech🗣️ PANEL

Immigration, iris scanning, and iBorderCTRL: migration control technologies, human rights, and the lived experiences of people on the move

Hosted by European Digital Rights (EDRi); Mozilla Foundation💡 LIGHTING TALK

Taking algorithms to court: case studies on litigating AI and automated systems

Hosted by Digital Freedom Fund; Mozilla Foundation 🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

The impending age of killer robots? how our data fuels autonomous weapons, and why it’s not too late to stop them

Hosted by Campaign to Stop Killer Robots🗣️ PANEL

Unlocking the truth: documenting political prisoners globally

Hosted by United for Iran🗣️ PANEL

Open source design contributions for humanitarian OSS: what we learned running workshops

Hosted by Open Design 🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Virtual field visits and contextualization for human rights advocacy

Hosted by Al-Haq💻 TECH DEMO

Leveraging technology to stop impunity for sexual and gender-based violence crimes

Hosted by WITNESS; Human Rights Center at the University of California, Berkeley🔎 COMMUNITY LAB

Artificial environment? Or environmental intelligence?

Hosted by IPANDETEC Centroamérica🗣️ PANEL

On internet universality and governance, sharing perspectives from underrepresented communities

Hosted by Digital Grassroots🔎 COMMUNITY LAB

Frequent flyer numbers, meal preferences, and the efficient countering of terrorist travel

Hosted by UN Special Rapporteur on counter-terrorism and human rights; Human Rights Center at the University of Minnesota🗣️ PANEL

Risky OSINT? Evaluating tool security during your human rights investigation

Hosted by Citizen Clinic, Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity at the University of California, Berkeley 🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Future perfect, part II

Hosted by Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF); Change.org Foundation🔎 COMMUNITY LAB

AI in the Global South: is it different?

Hosted by Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law (CIPIT) at Strathmore University🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Localizing algorithms in trans-global tech: development impacts of AI in local economic contexts

Hosted by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES); IT for Change 🗣️ PANEL

Human rights made it to internet governance: now it is time for the environment to do so!

Hosted by Association for Progressive Communications (APC); BlueLink 🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

A cautionary tale: harnessing technology for sustainable development

Hosted by IEEE Standards Association💬 FIRESIDE CHAT

Technology in support of child migration: risks and opportunities

Hosted by Article One; UNICEF 🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Behrouz Boochani: writing “No Friend But the Mountains” from Manus prison on WhatsApp

Hosted by ARTICLE 19; Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University 💬 FIRESIDE CHAT

Data for peacebuilding and prevention: ecosystem mapping and the way towards creating community of practice

Hosted by Center on International Cooperation at New York University 🗣️ PANEL

Content governance, disinformation, and online hate

From Australia to the Amazon: stopping the spread of disinformation during climate crises

Hosted by Purpose🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Social media platforms: are they art’s new gatekeepers?

Hosted by PEN America 🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Extremists, extremists everywhere: how States misuse anti-extremism and counter-terrorism laws to stifle online speech and what to do about it


In Chad, 16 months of censorship … of torture

Hosted by Wikimedia Tchad💡 LIGHTING TALK

Freedom of expression online versus state-sponsored homophobia: the case of Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Hosted by ARTICLE 19; Russian LGBT Network🔎 COMMUNITY LAB

From Fortnite to Hong Kong: video game policy and human rights

Hosted by CElectronic Frontier Foundation (EFF); Access Now; Center for Technology and Society, San Andres University; Geekylegal🗣️ PANEL

Nobody’s watching the watchers: designing oversight for online censorship

Hosted by Dangerous Speech Project 🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

How do we know we can trust you? Weighing the strength of platforms’ commitments to provide content moderation appeals

Hosted by Ranking Digital Rights🗣️ PANEL

Deepfakes solutions for who? Decentering us politicians, recentering the rest of the world


Just the facts: a guide to disinformation on Wikipedia

Hosted by Wikimedia Foundation 💡 LIGHTING TALK

Working group on the fight against infodemic and response to information chaos

Hosted by The Forum on Information & Democracy 🔎 COMMUNITY LAB

Tackling terrorist and violent extremist content online: an open discussion with the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT)

Hosted by Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT) 🔎 COMMUNITY LAB

How to use open source data to analyze social media content removals, from Turkey to Kashmir

Hosted by Committee to Protect Journalists💻 TECH DEMO

Christchurch Call: working collectively to protect freedom of speech while preventing the abuse of the internet

Hosted by French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs; New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade🗣️ PANEL

Will the disinformation timeline help us to find out the truth? A multi-search tool for fact-checking

Hosted by DoubleThink Lab💻 TECH DEMO

Keeping the light: factchecking in closed and closing spaces

Hosted by IREX 🗣️ PANEL

Not “revenge porn”: new trends in non-consensual intimate imagery in Uganda and the role of digital security

Hosted by Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET)🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

The Christchurch Call Advisory Network: civil society engaging around terrorist and violent extremist content

Hosted by Christchurch Call Advisory Network🔎 COMMUNITY LAB

Between regulation and rights: empowering the citizen through media and information literacy in the context of misinformation and offline violence

Hosted by Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) 🗣️ PANEL

Content removal in Latin America: censorship practices on the internet and regulatory approaches for the region

Hosted by Observacom; ARTICLE 19 (Mexico and Central America)🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Beyond the platform: content moderation and internet infrastructure

Hosted by Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF); Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT)🗣️ PANEL

Moderate globally, impact locally

Hosted by Wikimedia/Yale Law School Initiative on Intermediaries and Information (WIII)🗣️ PANEL

Countering censorship through strategic litigation: experiences from Pakistan

Hosted by Media Matters for Democracy, Pakistan 💡 LIGHTING TALK

Interpret censorship as damage

Hosted by Samizdat Project💻 TECH DEMO

The economy of hate: how advertising funds hate speech and disinformation

Hosted by Check My Ads; Sleeping Giants💡 LIGHTING TALK

They don’t really care about us: social media platforms and disinformation in the Arab World

Hosted by Oxford Internet Institute🗣️ PANEL

Human rights-based model of intermediary liablity: how do we get there?

Hosted by Access Now🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Empowering the public to act against disinformation: combatting disinformation, incitement, hate speech and attacks on journalist online to build democracy

Hosted by Media Monitoring Africa💻 TECH DEMO

Managing online harassment

Hosted by Google (Jigsaw) 🔎 COMMUNITY LAB

Countering digital hate

Hosted by Bolo Bhi🗣️ PANEL

How indigenous communities are combating misinformation by creating fact-checked resources in their native languages

Hosted by Rising Voices Project, Global Voices; Media and Information Literacy Experts Network (MILEN)🗣️ PANEL

How to use data journalism to investigate mis- and disinformation online

Hosted by First Draft🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Recordkeepers of the resistance: do you trust the dark force to save your activist history?

Hosted by Meedan🗣️ PANEL

Media and digital freedom in Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua: challenges and opportunities

Hosted by World Voices Media; La Red Hispana 🔎 COMMUNITY LAB

Disinformation and LGBTQIA+ rights in Africa, Asia, and Latin America

Hosted by Gender and Development Advocates (GANDA) Filipinas; R3D 🗣️ PANEL

The social media gag tax: censorship policies clashes with unapologetic transgressors

Hosted by Independent💡 LIGHTING TALK

Content moderation and competition: the missing link?

Hosted by ARTICLE 19; Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV) at São Paulo Law School 🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Legislative trends related to freedom of expression online: overview from UN Special Rapporteur David Kaye

Hosted by UN Special Rapporteur on the freedom of opinion and expression; Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) 💬 FIRESIDE CHAT

Data protection and design

Ethics of language and cultural documentation in the digital age

Hosted by Wikitongues; Indigenous Friends Association 🔎 COMMUNITY LAB

Litigating privacy, data protection, and digital rights in Africa

Hosted by Digital Rights Lawyers Initiative 🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

American PII and the United State(s) of privacy law

Hosted by Silicon Flatirons Center for Technology, Law, and Entrepreneurship at Colorado Law 🗣️ PANEL

Data protection, consent, and its impact on the defense of human rights in Central America

Hosted by Consorcio INNONICA; Red Previos💡 LIGHTING TALK

Democratizing data: using human rights to challenge narratives on which data (and whose voices) count in decision-making

Hosted by International Network on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ESCR-Net) 🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Digital ID and personal data empowerment: key tools for human rights and SDG achievement in the digital domain

Hosted by MyData Global; Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs 🗣️ PANEL

Data collection and open source investigations: advancing accountability and justice in the Middle East

Hosted by Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy; Eshhad 🗣️ PANEL

Data trusts: a workshop

Hosted by Global Center for the Digital Commons 🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Trading away our digital rights: the digital trade agenda at the WTO

Hosted by Digital Trade Alliance🗣️ PANEL

Ensuring users have a voice: collecting and integrating user feedback

Hosted by Internews🗣️ PANEL

From toys to schools to digital IDs: pushing for better governance and accountability for children’s data


Designing an open data standard to capture how criminal justice systems fails sexual assault survivors

Hosted by Chayn🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

It’s my data! Tools to reclaim control of our personal data

Hosted by Hiperderecho; Simon Fraser University; ObservaTIC🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Responsible data: reducing potential for harm during the design phase

Hosted by Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL); The Engine Room; Palladium 🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

CARE principles for indigenous data governance

Hosted by Global Indigenous Data Alliance (GIDA); University of Arizona; University of Waikato; Colegio de Postgraduados 🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Claiming the data building block for the digital commons

Hosted by IT for Change; New Economics Foundation 🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Data privacy: enabling individuals to control their data destiny

Hosted by Cisco Systems, Inc.💡 LIGHTING TALK

Using data ethically in humanitarian, human rights, and open source investigations work

Hosted by The Engine Room🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Protecting personal data during health, political, and social crisis

Hosted by Access Now 🗣️ PANEL

COVID-19: can Global South institutions survive the GovTech onslaught?

Hosted by The Centre for Internet & Society (CIS), India 🗣️ PANEL

Re-imagining data privacy and security: a speculative fiction workshop

Hosted by Speculative Futures Ottawa; Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada 🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Lessons learned from mobile data collection applications that strengthen indigenous data governance towards greater indigenous data sovereignty

Hosted by East West Management Institute’s Open Development Initiative 🗣️ PANEL

The public, the private, and our rights: how to lift information out of lockdown

Hosted by Open Data Charter; Access Info🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Instantiating data stewardship: use cases, accountability, and implementation

Hosted by Aapti Institute; AlgorithmWatch 🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Dada: creative strategies for algorithmic resistance!

Hosted by Icarus Salon Data 🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Ownership or rights: what’s the path to achieving true agency over data?

Hosted by Ada Lovelace Institute🗣️ PANEL

Having a private cloud made easy with OpenAppStack

Hosted by OpenAppStack; Greenhost💻 TECH DEMO

Data localization contagion: how the global spread threatens privacy, free expression, and the rule of law

Hosted by Facebook🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Consent by design: how design in tech impacts choice, power, and control in data-sharing processes

Hosted by Derechos Digitales🔎 COMMUNITY LAB

Caught in the (social safety) net: social exposure and intensive data exploitation in Latin American social protection

Hosted by InternetLab 🗣️ PANEL

Surveillance and algorithmic regulation in transportation and public spaces

Hosted by Uber 🗣️ PANEL


In conversation with Niklas Zennström, Founding Partner and CEO of Atomico, Co-founder of Skype

Hosted by Atomico💬 FIRESIDE CHAT

Digital accessibility: information for all people

Hosted by El Rinconcito Inclusivo🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Centroamérica Cibersegura

Hosted by IPANDETEC Centroamérica🗣️ PANEL

Militarization of the cyber space: grappling with applicability of international law to the cyber space

Hosted by Centre for Multilateral Affairs (CfMA); Association for Progressive Communications (APC)🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Help we are under attack! A peek into a community of rapid responders

Hosted by Access Now; Digital Defenders Partnership; Front Line Defenders; Greenhost; Media Legal Defence Initiative (MLDI) 🗣️ PANEL

Just another brick in the paywall: why open access is a human right

Hosted by Creative Commons💡 LIGHTING TALK

Data Detox Kit: control your smartphone data to increase your online privacy

Hosted by Tactical Tech🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Discriminating AI? How to prevent it with a human rights-based approach


#GBVinMedia: how can the media report gender-based violence more sensitively?

Hosted by Feminism in India💡 LIGHTING TALK

Protecting the public core of the internet: from formulation to implementation

Hosted by The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies (HCSS) 🗣️ PANEL

Why we must automate SAFETAG now! Lessons from Nigeria

Hosted by Co-Creation Hub💡 LIGHTING TALK

Education and technology in indigenous settings

Hosted by Indigenous Friends Association 🔎 COMMUNITY LAB

Citizen scoring in the EU revisited: facial recognition, lie detectors, and more

Hosted by AlgorithmWatch🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

The Digital First Aid Kit: a resource for civil society to troubleshoot digital security emergencies

Hosted by Digital Defenders Partnership 💻 TECH DEMO

CDR link: expanding use cases for secure help desk platforms

Hosted by Center for Digital Resilience💻 TECH DEMO

Feminist internet research for a feminist internet

Hosted by Association for Progressive Communications (APC)🗣️ PANEL

Digital New Deal: for a cleaner and decentralized internet

Hosted by French National Assembly, Office of MP Paula Forteza 🗣️ PANEL

Digital rights and disability: a framework for measuring ICT accessibility for persons with disabilities in Africa

Hosted by Collaboration on International ICT Policy for East and Southern Africa (CIPESA)🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

(Un)free speech: when algorithms decide

Hosted by OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media 🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Why you should care about media freedom in the Pacific: the way forward for the Melanesia Media Freedom Forum

Hosted by Melanesia Media Freedom Forum 🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Tackling online censorship: campaign and Digital Toolkit for Artists launch

Hosted by Freemuse🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Music, digital distribution platforms, and human rights

Hosted by Cooperativa Sulá Batsú; Endemia; La Milixia; Los Garbanzos 🗣️ PANEL

UNdoing progress and rights with a new global cybercrime treaty?

Hosted by Third Way🗣️ PANEL

Have you ever wondered what a truly disabled-access and smart city or community would look like?

Hosted by PICISOC (Pacific Islands Chapter of the Internet Society); Mobile Me; Fiji Disability People’s Federation💡 LIGHTING TALK

Reporters as spies: the global threat of U.S. media leak prosecutions

Hosted by Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press 🗣️ PANEL

Mujerxs unidas, jamás serán vencidas: intersectional feminism in the age of AI

Hosted by Coding Rights🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

(Un)free speech: when algorithms decide

Hosted by OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media 🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Encryption under fire: a discussion on the threats to private messaging around the world

Hosted by WhatsApp💬 FIRESIDE CHAT

Tackling online abuse: bridging the gap between human rights and computer science

Hosted by Workshop on Online Abuse and Harms (WOAH) 🗣️ PANEL

The future of human rights and climate: anticipating the unpredictable


Building an inclusive future in the age of AI

Hosted by World Economic Forum 🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION

Engaging civil society ahead of the Freedom Online Coalition’s joint statement on AI and human rights

Hosted by Global Affairs Canada🗺️ STRATEGY SESSION