Re-introducing the RightsCon Studio

This June, we’re bringing back the RightsCon Studio, a place for you to hear directly from the leaders setting the agenda for human rights in the digital age across sectors, regions, and topics. The RightsCon Studio will serve as the mainstage and the centerpiece of our first-ever hybrid summit, connecting in-person and online participants, and hosting a diversity of perspectives that push the dial on cutting-edge conversations.

Featuring curated sessions on critical human rights and technology issues, in-depth conversations with prominent leaders and trusted experts, and highlights on the actions and initiatives led by the RightsCon community, the RightsCon Studio will showcase perspectives from key decision-makers with direct influence in pivotal sectors and industries, as well as renowned human rights actors at the forefront of building a rights-respecting future.

The RightsCon Studio will cover several topics of importance, including:

  • China’s role in the global surveillance tech ecosystem;
  • Protecting journalism and journalists in Central America;
  • Different stakeholders’ roles in achieving a just transition in the tech sector;
  • Digital ecosystems that enable women’s participation in political life;
  • Alternative, liberatory approaches for the development and use of AI;
  • And many more.

The Studio will host three formats:

  • Fireside Chats (45 minutes) place 3-4 experts in conversation on a particular thematic or regional issue of relevance to the RightsCon community, and anchor the Studio program to community priorities.
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  • In Conversations (30 minutes) are one-on-one interviews facilitated by the Studio Host, which are tailored to the speaker’s specific experience and perspective, with no constraints on topic.
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  • Spotlights (10 minutes) are short overviews of RightsCon community members showcasing their work as well as the work of partners, networks, campaigns, and coalitions.

Anchored by our Studio Host and multi-award-winning journalist Melissa Chan, the RightsCon Studio is an all-access space for the RightsCon community to tune in and catch up, across time zones and languages. Bringing two decades of experience on a broad range of human rights issues, from the hardships faced by Uyghur women after fleeing China, the impact of unpaid parental leave in the United States, to the women fighting back against killer robots, Melissa will make sure you’re up to date on all the important conversations taking place at RightsCon this June.

If you haven’t yet, make sure you register before we transition into late pricing on Friday, May 19. Free and discounted tickets will remain available until registrations close on May 29th (for in-person participants) and June 2 (for online participants)

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