RightsCon Silicon Valley 2016 Videos

Below please find a selection of RightsCon Silicon Valley 2016 recorded sessions. Enjoy!

Big Data Breaches: The Tipping Point for Trust? Facing Violence, Empowering Women: Fighting Online Misogyny in a Human Rights Framework Whoever Controls the Future of the Internet Controls the Future of the World Iran Deal and the Future of Tech Sanctions Drones, Balloons, and Self-Driving Cars: The IoT and the Future of Connectivity Let’s Talk About Turkey Surveillance, Race, and Movement Building Net Neutrality Principles and Exceptions Iran: Targeted Cyber Attacks Bring Back the Lawyers! Lightning Talks: Promises and Pitfalls of Digital Activism State Sponsored Cyber Attacks in Theory and Practice Preserving Free Speech: A Practical Privacy Approach Data Détente: Exploring Challenges and Opportunities in Trans-Atlantic Data Flows The Tools We Make, the Politics We Don't — Debate on the Politics of Liberation Tech Internet Freedom and UN Human Rights Mechanisms Privacy, Anonymity, and Warrantless Access to Subscriber Identification Data Countering Extremism, Free Speech, and Schools Witnessing Police Violence, On and Off the Internet Driving a Paradigm Shift Toward Human Rights-Respecting Cybersecurity Policy by Design The Interplay Between Human Rights and Technology: Policies and Regulations in the MENA and Latin America Regions Ensuring Users' Rights Are Part of Internet Governance Debates Protecting and Promoting the Rights of LGBT Persons to Freedom of Expression and Access to Information: The Role of the UN Special Rapporteur Big Brother and Its Corporate Twin Trends to Watch in Global Surveillance Reflections on Government Powers and Limitations with Ron Deibert, Edward Snowden, and Amie Stepanovich Digital Rights in Danger in Brazil Accelerating Women’s Digital Inclusion Migrants, Surveillance, and Human Rights TPP: Is Trade Policy Putting Digital Rights at Risk? Straight Talk with Young African Leaders: Net Neutrality & African Innovation The Human Rights Response to the Zero-Rating Conundrum Following “Connecting the Dots”: How to Measure Internet Universality The Digital Threat of ISIS How to Fight an Internet Shutdown: Announcing the #KeepitOn Campaign Manila Principles: One Year Later Digital Dividends for the Bottom Billion: 'Technology Is at Its Best When It Is Inclusive' Cross Border Data Requests Closing the Gap on Global Connectivity Beyond Encryption: Protecting High Risk Users Snooper’s Second Chance: The UK Surveillance Bill Closing Ceremony