Chris Riley

I went to graduate school for a long time – and along the way, I met a lot of great people and had time to figure out who I am, personally and professionally (and in all the ways in which those things intersect), for which I’m forever thankful. I’m now settled in the area of Internet policy, coming from a law and technology background. My motivation is the belief that an open Internet delivers tremendous socioeconomic benefits, and that if we as a global society don’t “get” Internet policy more often than not, those benefits will go away. That path took me from computer science, to copyright, to telecom, to Internet freedom, presenting me with many opportunities to do some interesting and some disruptive things. My hope, and my goal, is always to respect and advance the interests of the world’s Internet users, and to push back on concentrated power and gatekeepers where they stand in the way of innovation and global growth.

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