Dima Samaro

Dima Samaro is a Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Policy Analyst at Access Now. She works closely with the Policy team conducting policy analysis and promoting human rights activism on the internet in the MENA region. Before joining Access Now, Dima served as a legal researcher at the International Commission of Jurists in Tunisia, assisting in organizing capacity building conferences targeting judges and lawyers from the MENA region as well as drafting legal reports on freedom of expression and human rights. Most recently, she completed a fellowship at King’s College London, where she researched the political participation of Palestinian women and the impact of freedom of expression in strengthening their role in the political process. In 2015, she earned her Bachelor’s of Law from the University of An-Najah, Palestine. Dima believes that it’s increasingly important to be aware of the endless trail of data that we leave behind us, as we become so visible in the digital world, and thus we need to be aware of our legitimate rights and the tools that we can use. Dima has a great sense of humor, loves mango ice cream and ping pong.

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