Courtney C. Radsch

Dr. Courtney C. Radsch is the Advocacy Director at the Committee to Protect Journalists. As a veteran journalist, researcher, and free expression advocate she writes and speaks frequently about the nexus of media, technology, and human rights. She is the author of Cyberactivism and Citizen Journalism in Egypt: Digital Dissidence & Political Change (Palgrave Macmillan 2016) and several other book chapters and articles about the Arab Spring, media, terrorism, and human rights. Her commentaries and articles have been published in The New York Times, the International Herald Tribune, Al Jazeera, Columbia Journalism Review, and the Huffington Post. She is regularly sought out for her expertise by a range of media outlets including the BBC, MSNBC, PBS Frontline, Voice of America, and others.

Dr. Radsch has participated in expert consultations at the United Nation, OSCE and E.U. on countering violent extremism, online violence against women, and journalist safety, and has led advocacy missions to more than a dozen countries, U.N. bodies, and the Internet Governance Forum. Prior to CPJ she worked with UNESCO’s Section for Freedom of Expression, where she coordinated strategy in the Arab region and edited the flagship publication “World Trends in Freedom of Expression and Media Development.” Dr. Radsch previously managed the Global Freedom of Expression Campaign at Freedom House, where she edited Policing Belief: The Impact of Blasphemy Laws on Human Rights. She has worked as a journalist for The New York Times, Al-Arabiya in Dubai, and the Daily Star in Lebanon and was a freelancer in Egypt. Dr. Radsch holds a Ph.D. in international relations from American University, a master’s of science in Foreign Service from Georgetown University and a bachelor’s degree with highest honors in mass communication from the University of California, Berkeley. She speaks Arabic, French, and Spanish and can be found on Twitter at @courtneyr.

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