Mark Graham

Mark is Director of the Wayback Machine, at the Internet Archive. Mark was Senior Vice President, & General Manager of Stringwire, an NBCUniversal News Group company, and managed their San Francisco office.

Mark managed iVillage-West, the SF-based product and software development branch of the core NY-based iVillage organization, contributing a range of services for the company including vendor selection and management, product development, technology assessment, and general business development.

Under his leadership as Vice President, and later Senior Vice President, Mark was General Manager of two profitable iVillage business units, and GardenWeb, where he drove the development of new web and mobile product development, delivery methods, marketing campaigns, and a diversified set of revenue streams.

As an early internet pioneer, in 1992, Mark was responsible for building AOL’s first interface to Internet based services, and prior to that work, in 1990 he managed technical operations for the US side of the US-Soviet email venture Sovam Teleport.

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