Yasmin Green

Yasmin Green is the Principal at Google Ideas responsible for driving the think/do tank’s strategy and operations. Yasmin also oversees the team’s work on counter-radicalization and weak/failed states. She recently led a cross-discipline coalition to launch the world’s first network of former violent extremists and survivors of terrorism, to connect them to each other and to the thought leadership and resources of the private sector. She is a seven year veteran of Google, assuming key roles as Sub-Saharan Africa Operations Manager and Head of Sales Strategy and Operations for Southern Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

Prior to Google, Yasmin consulted for Booz Allen Hamilton, primarily to clients in the oil and gas sector, across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. She received her B.Sc in Economics from University College London and her M.Sc in Management from London School of Economics and University of Chicago Booth.

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